Cleaning and Preserving Your Silverware

Silverware naturally yellows over time as a result of oxidation, which is when the metal reacts to moisture in the air. Here are some tips to keep your high quality sterling silver Shevach products like new:

  1. Keep your silverware in a glass display case to protect it from humidity. 
  2. After use, rinse your items with soap and water, then dry them immediately with a paper towel. 
  3. Gently polish your silverware once every two weeks with the special cloth Shevach Brothers have provided. This should be done when the silverware is dry. Please note: products with gold coating need to be treated differently. The gold should NOT be cleaned with polishing products, including the cloth we provide. Instead, it should be cleaned with soap and water only, then dried  immediately with a paper towel.
  4. Any wax stains can be removed with warm water, then dried with a paper towel. 

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